This video will define the basics of HP LoadRunner along with basic terminology that will be use in LoadRunner. It also shows how Vugen creates the script by recording Client/Server Architecture and send the data to Controller which in further creates the scenario through which it will execute. After that all the executed data will be processed and analyzed with the help of analyzer tool.

This video will demonstrate the new features of HP Application Lifecycle Management v12 Web Client while displaying other features too, on which one personnel will work on. In this video we will define the new updates like Cross Browser support, Cross Operating System, Categories, Workspaces, and Author Mode to control project over web client.

This video will demonstrate the process to enable TruClient Ajax enhancement for Firefox browser in HP LoadRunner v11.50 , and also demonstrate the use and working functionality of Ajax. TruClient enables a lot of new functions which been demonstrated in here, one more important feature which have been added is URL filtering, which is require if you want external content for the script.

This video demostrate the installation process of Unified functional testing 11.5, Which includes the Add-in setup, Configuring Environment, and License Installation. UFT have two license installtion method, one is concurrent license which is mostly used for multiple computers or a company, On the other hand Seat License is there which is for a particular computer.